Last events of 2019

Last events of 2019

NSW & WA!!!

Join us in NSW:

Co-housing and the Sharing Economy – presentation by Jason Twill
Jason will introduce the ways the sharing economy and collaborative housing are changing the nature of contemporary cities and offering people more affordable and sustainable lifestyles.

Around the world community collectives are coming together to co-create multi-layered neighbourhoods that are affordable, intergenerational, economically diverse and socially connected. 

From Baugruppe in Germany, cooperatives in Vienna and Nightingale Housing in Australia, Jason’s talk will take us on a journey around the world’s cities with examples of how these emerging models are changing urban landscapes and improving our quality of life.

What next?

All people interested in a co-housing project are invited to Sydney Co-Housing’s follow-up meeting on Sunday 1 December from 2pm-5pm at 107 Projects in Redfern. Please RSVP to the December event on our MeetUp group page. 

Join us in WA:

Wednesday 20 November 6:30-8:30pm
FORUM on Housing Co-operatives at Notre Dame University in Fremantle. The forum will launch a series of five short videos about housing co-operatives in Western Australia and discuss the housing co-operative model with an outstanding panel and facilitator. This is a FREE event; rego, drinks and nibbles are from 5:45pm.…


Then the following day, on Thursday the 21st of November we are conducting a TOUR of three of WA’s existing housing co-ops. The tour will run from 11am to 2pm and is $75 per person or $40 for concession card holders. The tour coincides with the annual Business Council of Co-operatives & Mutuals (BCCM) Leader’s Summit, which is being held in Perth this year and therefore starts and finishes at the Pan Pacific in the Perth CBD. For more details and to book please click on the photo below.


Meet Cohousing Australia’s recently elected Co-Chair Jasmine Palmer:…

We are excited about this  opportunity to learn more about ‘group building’ in urban contexts across Europe and Australia from Jasmine Palmer, Architect, Researcher, Past Co-op resident and future co-houser.

Jasmine Palmer was guest researcher at the Collaborative Housing Research Laboratory (CoLab) of TUDelft in the Netherlands in 2018. While based in Delft, she continued her previous research into group building processes and projects in Berlin, London, Amsterdam and Den Haag.  She has visited multiple built projects internationally and interviewed dozens of residents, professionals, government agencies and others to document their experiences and, importantly, learn lessons to help building groups here in Australia.

Jasmine’s passion for community involvement in infill housing began more than two decades ago as an architecture student.  After designing groups of inner city housing for future resident collectives and raising her daughter within one such community, she undertook doctoral research asking the question “why does high-quality citizen-led infill housing occur in other countries, but not in Australia?” 

As a member of Urban Coup, Jasmine is looking forward to living in what will be Australia’s first citizen-led cohousing apartment building. Ground has recently been ‘broken’ on the ‘Near & Tall‘ project which is scheduled to be completed in 2021.

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