Project Snapshot: Cohousing Banyule

Project Snapshot: Cohousing Banyule

Cohousing Banyule was started in the City of Banyule as a group of people who want to be part of a better model for living – an intentional, multi-generational, diverse and sustainable community. They have a good relationship with Banyule Council who are very supportive of Cohousing and have included Cohousing in its Council Plan and Planning documents.

The Group is not confined to Banyule with interest extending to Melbourne’s north east. They have a number of levels of membership to include those not necessarily ready or able to buy into a Cohousing development. They aim to be multi-generational and would like to think there would be a way to accommodate renters.

Cohousing Banyule has established a number of resources, run workshops, and made submissions and presentations to various interested groups. They have worked on a Vision, on a possible design (with students from Melbourne University Design School), developed resources on how to run meetings and most recently undertook Sociocracy training.   

The Group is pursuing a number of sites, including having representation on the Heidelberg West Consultative Committee which includes the sites of Bell Bardia and Tarakan.

They are in talks with Urban Coup Far and Wide with a view to work together to our mutual advantage in the development of a Cohousing community in the North Eastern suburbs. They are thinking of up to 30 dwellings with the expected qualities of Cohousing.  A commonhouse and shared garden as well as small private outdoor spaces. Also guest rooms and other shared rooms.

At present they hold meeting in Watsonia which is central for the area.  They are looking for more members who are interested in building a community and realise that it’s not for the faint hearted.

You can contact them through Jo on 9077 0882 or leave a message for Teresa 0429142779. Email: