Project Snapshot: Co-West Cohousing

Project Snapshot: Co-West Cohousing

Stage – Co-West are building their community while discussing possibilities and negotiating partnerships with community based Developers. They currently have two sites under investigation.

Size – Up to 30 private dwellings. A mix of 1, 2 and 3 bedroom apartments over 2/3 levels.

Description – Co-West has been exploring and refining all aspects of their Cohousing model. Over the past three years they have experimented with various Governance, Legal and Decision Making models, scoped many sites and initiated discussions towards partnership with various Developers. Negotiations are ongoing and we expect to have a partnership cemented in 2019.

Their member architects and designers have come up with beautiful and innovative building and landscaping plans. The intention is to foster regeneration, so the designs integrate and contribute in many ways to the surrounding communities. Passive solar design makes best use of sites to minimise or remove mechanical heating and cooling requirements, and designs use non toxic, repurposed materials with energy generation on site.

Modified strata title ensures that each home can be bought and sold with fair increases for inflation, but property speculation cannot happen.  All purchasers and renters must commit to the values of Co-West and become formal members of a Co-operative structure.

This is an exciting model of housing that we want to see replicated. Cohousing that provides affordable opportunities for home ownership and permanent rental, whilst also strengthening and regenerating our communities.

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