Event: Doomsday prepping for the socially convivial

Event: Doomsday prepping for the socially convivial

Cohousing Australia & Biomimicry Australia presents:

Not feeling like a bunker and weapons is really your style?

Looking for a prepping solution that is more like a joyous festival of meaningful collaborative action?

Now is the time to prep for the future you don’t want while creating the future you do!

Come and explore the skills you could bring to your community and how they could become the foundation of a co-created future vision where all life thrives.

The facilitation crew will consist of humans from Cohousing Australia and Biomimicry Australia.

We have a foolproof plan to circumvent the apocalypse and we have all the fool we need to do it!

Join us for a fun-filled workshop, bring a light heart and an open mind.