Project Snapshot: The Digs

Project Snapshot: The Digs

Stage: About to start building
Size: 8 dwellings

Brief Description: The Digs is a new cohousing development in Frankston consisting of 8 x 2 bedroom dwellings, a common house and some other common facilities on a 1600m2 block.  

The building design has tried to find a balance between sustainability, quality, durability, beauty and cost.  Design aspects include smaller private spaces, insulated rammed earth walls, passive solar design (limited by site orientation), double glazed windows, solar panels, reuse of materials & avoidance of toxic materials.

The Digs uses a standard strata title structure where each unit has its own title and can be bought and sold.  Any purchaser must commit to the values of the community which are Community, Generosity, Sustainability & Teachability.

Availability and How to Join: Although the project is only just about to start construction, the units are pretty much fully sold.  If you are interested in joining The Digs, we would be happy to add you to a waiting list in case something becomes available.  Contact Andy at