Project Snapshot: Urban Coup

Project Snapshot: Urban Coup

The Urban Coup (the ‘Coup’) is an initiative of a group of Melbournians, who share a vision of creating not just housing, but community. The Coup is pioneering urban cohousing for Melbourne: creating communities that are inclusive, sustainable and diverse, using socially and environmentally responsible forms of urban design.

They have three projects at different stages of development.

  1.   Near & Tall A high-density apartment building, part of Nightingale Village, in Hope Street Brunswick.  

Stage: They expect planning permits to be issued in February 2019.

Size: 29 apartments, from 1- to 4-bedrooms; shared dining / kitchen on ground floor; smaller and flexible shared spaces on 4th floor; shared workshop, music room and laundry.

Description: diverse households are buying apartments; strong input on sustainable and livable design; community is already well-established

Availability: Currently fully subscribed

  1.   Far & Wide: A lower density garden-set development in the middle to outer suburbs. The project is in an earlier stage and is seeking participants to further develop the plan.
  2.   Near & Tall 2! This is at concept stage, and needs new and enthusiastic members. Using everything we’ve learnt so far, and with strong external partnerships in place, you can make this one happen!

For more information on all three projects, go to

And they’ve made a short film! Go to or search “Urban Coup short film”