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Proposed legislative changes

Posted by Mark Snell | 24 February 2010
The NSW Government is currently reviewing two pieces of legislation relevant to owner-builder co-operatives: A proposed Cooperatives National Law and the Home Building Act.

Comment on the National Cooperatives Law is being accepted until this Friday, February 26. Comment on the Home Building Act is being accepted for a further three weeks, until March 19. Links to both proposals are listed under "Have your say" on the NSW Fair Trading website at

Legal Structures in Cohousing

Posted by Anthony Kidd | 12 March 2011

A company is an artificial legal person. In law the company is the same as a natural person. It can own property, it can sue and be sued and can even commit criminal offences. The company is separate from its members but is made up of its members. It's like the difference between the cells in your body and the body as a whole.