Hi from Homeland Community - 30 years of community experience - what would you like to know?

Posted by Homeland Community | 22 July 2010

In 1977, like many others, I was enchanted with the archetypal New Age community, Findhorn. On a sandspit in the middle of the North Sea amazing things were grown, people conversed with the spirits of plants and the whole place was governed based on guidance channeled directly from God. Paul Hawken's book, 'The Magic of Findhorn' and David Spangler's, 'Revelation: The Birth of the New Age' were the starting points for immersing yourself in the magic and mystery of the New Age. Was this the dawning of the Age of Aquarius?

It was amongst this cultural milieu that a group of people began to get to know each other and share a vision of a New Age community in Australia. In a few short months they not only found a property which almost totally satisfied their 'Prayer of Manifestation' but they gathered the money to purchase it and move in on 8th April 1977. Thus the life of Homeland began (although the name came a bit later).

Even though personally I wasn't a part of this fabulous event I was very interested in what was unfolding and subscribed to the 'Simply Open' newsletter and the 'Homecoming' periodicals. Finally in 1988 I was able to organise my life to the point where I moved to Homeland after falling in love with it at a Peace and Healing Festival earlier that year.

Needless to say the practical realities of living day-to-day in a community were quite a bit different from the naive imaginings I'd had as a 21 year old in 1977. All the same after 22 years here I've had quite a few learning experiences including an education in what can go horribly wrong - such as the attempted closure of the community - and the beautiful experiences too - such as the celebrations, festivals, sharing and love between many lovely people.

I have been able to gather some archival material from the early days and as the secretary of the community for many years am reasonably familiar with the constitution and other bits of legislation etc which I would be happy to share with anyone who would like to discuss it.

Yours in love and light, Martin Watson