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Decision Making in Cohousing

Posted by Anthony Kidd | 12 March 2011

All cohousing communities need a decision making policy and process and the earlier you start the better. Consensus decision making is almost universal in cohousing in the US although other processes are possible if your group agrees to them. 

Common Meal System at Cascade Cohousing

Posted by Nathan Alison | 14 March 2011

The following information was contributed in March 2011 by Ian Higginbottom, founding member of Cascade Cohousing, Hobart.


The Common meal system at Cascade
Cascade runs three common meals a week and i thought I would share how our system works.  In my reading and discussion with people from US cohouses I have not seen anyone else running the same system.  In some ways it is a very Australian system - laid-back, egalitarian and with almost no administration.
The key principles of our common meal system are